Monday, 27 May 2019

The result

Brexit Party    28
Lib Dems       15
Labour           10
Greens             7
Conservative   3
Change UK     0
Plaid Cymru    1

This is only England & Wales. The polls before hand were:-

Brexit Party  37%
Lib Dem       19%
Labour          13%
Green            12%
Conservative   7%
Change UK     4%
UKIP              3%
Others            5%

In actual fact the polls were remarkably close.

The Brexit Party was formed at the beginning of April after we did not leave the EU on 29th March. The results speak for themselves, a huge cast from the public saying we are disappointed with the current politicians as they have failed us. If they manage to work Brexit before or by 31st October, not sure what they have planned then.

The Lib Dems have made a huge jump forward with this result, the best they have had for years even before the coalition and with people like Michael Heseltine [Conservative] and Alastair Campbell [Labour] both publicly saying they would vote Lib Dem, hardly surprising. What is surprising is that after this fantastic surge the leader Vince Cable steps down!

The Labour party have paid the price for sitting on the fence. For weeks the media have asked Jeremy Corbyn to say whether Labour was leave or remain and he has constantly refused to be clear in which direction he wanted the party to go. The membership have asked, his colleagues have asked and now he is going to have to decide and make a clear announcement which direction Labour is headed, or it will be curtains.

The Greens have doubled their position, a remarkable achievement and one which shows they did have a clear message and got it through to their supporters. One of the biggest points in their favour was climate change according to Caroline Lucas and probably something they will build on in the future.

The Conservatives were destroyed and it was hardly surprising. For three years Theresa May has prevaricated her way to this position and with hindsight it is very clear she has done everything in her power to frustrate Brexit and consequently we have not left the EU. Well now it is pay back time and the people have spoken without any ambiguity. Apparently it is the worst record since 1832, pretty devastating. They now have to decide what to do between now and 31st October and that is not very far away.

Change UK what can I say?

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