Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Cabinet

The EU elections are tomorrow Thursday 23-May-2019 and to say there has been a bit of excitement about this election, is an under statement of mammoth proportions.

The last forecast today is:-
Brexit Party   37%
Lib Dem        19%
Labour           13%
Green             12%
Conservative   7%
Change UK     4%
UKIP               3%
Others             5%

It is not usual for the leader of the house [Andrea Leadsom] to resign the night before an election, but that is what happened this evening.

Earlier today could not be classed as normal, the Chief Whip had been powering round Downing Street supposedly keeping everyone in line! Sir Graham Brady of the 1922 Committee had invited/advised the PM [Theresa May] to attend in the evening, and as it is Wednesday it was PMQs.

Jeremy Corbyn used most of his questions on education and funding shortages, probably because the PM had announced that she would be making a Brexit statement immediately following PMQs. It also appeared to be a planned attack about NI [Northern Ireland] by the Brexiteers during PMQs also keeping their main attack for the statement at the end. One reason could be that there is not one conservative party at the moment but several and they are all feeling disenfranchised.

After PMQs and the Brexit statement the commons carried on as normal and it had been noticed that the conservative benches were not exactly full, front as well as back and it was noted that Andrea Leadsom turned up very late. When Theresa May returned to Downing Street several ministers had requested a meeting and she would not see any of them. However it appears that Downing Street did not know or understand and let Andrea Leadsom through.

The conservatives have a history of being split over Europe and what could transpire tomorrow might just seal the fate of the Conservatives and Theresa May could be responsible for the collapse.

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