Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Iran - Israel [alphabetical]

I make the specification in the title so as to try and stay neutral, let's see if I'm successful.

I've been thinking about this for a year now, ever since it was made public that Israel was thinking of attacking Iran. Where do we stand on this?

See, already I've taken sides. I'm from the West and feel I should be on the side of Israel, but in this case they are the aggressor and while the West has aggressed many times in the past, I haven't been around to consider my responsibility. Now I am, so it's decision time.

If Israel go in guns blazing, do I support them. Well our Government is talking about this very subject this week, and in fact are taking legal advice on whether our armed forces can take back in certain aspects. As an example the Navy patrolling the straits of Hormuz, can be seen as aggressive.

So is this situation on automatic?

Will Britain go in automatically?

Would the conflict affect us directly?

How long before we find the answers to these questions and will they arrive too late...

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