Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Why the secrecy?

Two weeks ago, there was a house fire in Derbyshire, which was more shocking than usual because 5 children [at the time - one more since] had died.

The following day as news was getting out, two people were arrested on suspicion of deliberately causing the fire, they were not the parents. The police at the time stressed that this was not the end of the case and more facts were required. A plea to the public was made.

Not unusual as it can take time to sift through evidence.

However, there has now been another arrest and two completely different people have been arrested. This time it's the parents!

Once again the police stress that this does no conclude the investigation. Well what gives?

Who were the first couple?

Where are they now?

How are they connected?

What's going on here? Where have all our investigative journalists gone?

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