Friday, 25 May 2012

The Leveson Enquiry

I have become engrossed in the Leveson enquiry. On my first day Mr Robert Jay questions Mr Fred Michel and after a few hours Fred Michel is practically agreeing with everything that Robert Jay is saying.

However, on the second day after hours of question between Robert Jay & Adam Smith, Adam Smith is 'NOT' agreeing with everything that Robert Jay is saying, in fact, it gets to the point where Adam Smith is nearly disagreeing with everything that Robert Jay says.

Given that Robert Jay is a professional, it has become clear that Fred Michel & Adam Smith have been coached by two completely different people.

That might be a cynical view on my part but when we get right down to the detail that the Leveson enquiry is doing, then all it comes down to is the English language and how people use it.

I am also not saying that holding enquiries like this is a waste of time, but it does give some people a wonderful platform to get 'their' message across.

I don't believe that Lord Justice Leveson will be able to publish a report at the end of this enquiry that will improve the current situation.

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