Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tony Blair @ Leveson

One of the most professional performances I have ever seen.

So far I have considered Lord Justice Leveson to be the right man for the job, because of his professionalism, his objectivity, his realisation of the remit given to him, his patience and control. However, it looked remarkably like he was in league with Tony Blair as the two just continuously agreed with each other through the day.

The former prime minister confessed that he had decided to "manage... not confront" the power of the press. In other words, he'd decided to form a relationship with the media which he described as "unhealthy" - a word he said he preferred to "cosy". He knows the questions which will lie ahead, and so do we, but then we also know - or, at least, can predict - many of the answers.

We could have already guessed the rest, there is very little he can deny, what's important [to him - Tony Blair] is how he answers them.

I have not changed my opinion of Lord Leveson and the challenge he has in front of him, but they made it far too easy for the ex Prime Minister with a golden opportunity that will not be repeated...

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