Thursday, 25 April 2013

Food bank users triple in a year

The Trussell Trust [New Policy Institute] figures are:-

Number of food bank users

2008-09 25,899
2009-10 40,898
2010-11 61,468
2011-12 128,697
2012-13 346,992

Figures from the charity showed that 30 per cent using food banks over the last year were referred as a result of benefit delays and 15 per cent because of benefit cuts and sanctions.

What they do not mention is that you need a voucher from the DWP to be able to collect from a food bank and if you are receiving JSA [Job Seekers Allowance] you will not get one.

So when you here that the JSA register is going down month on month, this is why food bank queues are increasing at the same rate.

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