Friday, 5 April 2013


Greg Mulholland MP for Leeds North west has just slammed Anne Keatley-Clarke CEO of Children’s Heart Federation on Radio fours Today programme, of raising inflammatory statements when she raised parents concerns in the Leeds medical row. She pointed out that parents feel frightened because they had been threatened by local administrators at the trust, when raising issues previously.

Last week the Prime Minister David Cameron and the government said that people should not feel inhibited about raising concerns about the NHS. Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health said “he will set up a new regulatory model for the NHS with a strong, independent Chief Inspector of hospitals” . He also said there would be no more NHS cover-ups as the NHS was told to adopt culture of zero harm and those found going against this principle will be put on a blacklist which will stop them working in the health service.

How is he going to progress this issue when members of the coalition accuse people who speak out against bad NHS practices of being inflammatory? Greg Mulholland needs to realise that he is crushing the debate rather than adding to it, by going down the road of censorship.

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