Wednesday, 24 April 2013

More benefit misery

From this week on, one and a half million people who are currently on IB [Incapacity Benefit] will be reassessed to judge whether they are fit for work.

Undoing this historic mistake is going to be a mammoth undertaking, and will take three years. There are in fact about two and a half million people on incapacity benefit, but the task of reassessment is so huge that government has simply decided that anyone who reaches the state retirement age before April 2014 won’t be reassessed.

Having been assessed as able to work, how many will actually get jobs? No-one really knows. Even if only half of those classified as able to work do so, that would mean an extra half a million people in work – a stunning result not just for taxpayers, or our economy, but for all those people too.

The only problem is, we do not have half a million jobs available today!

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