Monday, 29 July 2013

Egypt bitterly divided

How did the Muslim Brotherhood under Mohamed Morsi get elected 12 months ago by a majority of the populace considering what is happening today?

Egyptians remained deeply divided over the future of their country Sunday, with no sign of an end to clashes between rivals groups that left at least 72 dead last Saturday. However, this does seem to the west to be one-sided, as the only people being injured appear to be supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood said they would not leave the streets despite what they called "massacres" by security forces that shot dozens of them dead.

The west has asked for a full public enquiry, the Egyptian military have waved the suggestion aside.

What I still do not understand is, if over half the 80 million people in Egypt voted for the Muslim Brotherhood twelve months ago, [in elections that at the time were said to be trouble free, independent, democratic and free of corruption] where are they now?

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