Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Egypt today

I do not understand what is happening in Egypt today. Let us compare their country with ours.

Hypothetical situation:

10 million people in England go on the streets with banners saying "the PM must go", okay it is very unlikely but heh, I am trying to get a handle on this.

David Cameron makes a statement like Mohamed Morsi, typical political statement proclaiming all the good things he and his party have done and all the things they are about to do. This does not satisfy the people and the next day 20 million take to the streets with similar posters.

So the head of the army General Sir Peter Wall makes a statement saying that if David Cameron does not step down, they will step in. This is where it gets a bit flaky for me. This would probably never happen as technically they are on the same side. so let us step back a bit.

How did the two political statements differ?

Well I do not unfortunately have a full and accurate translation of what Mohamed Morsi said, but the media says he used strong rhetoric towards his aggressors and a vehement refusal in letting go. But did he state any of the achievements that he and his party had done in the last twelve months? I do not know, but this is where our path differs.

I do not believe 10 - 20 million people would march on the streets asking for David Cameron to step down, because of the achievements the coalition has made. I also believe that twelve months for the first democratically elected leader is not enough time to denounce someone as a failure, it is unfair, so I have to assume there is something else behind the situation in Egypt today.

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