Friday, 12 July 2013

G4S needs to be closed down...

The Olympics of 2012 was nearly brought to it's knees by a company called Group Four Services [G4S] who were supposed to supply security for the games. When the crunch came and they failed, fortunately for us the Army stepped in and saved the day.

It was decided by a select committee that G4S had been negligent, disorganised and incompetent rather than deceitful.

However, this time they have been claiming fees for tagging people who do not have tags, are in prison or even DEAD! This is not incompetence, it is deceit, wilful misconduct, theft and I suppose after a few months another committee will say "tut tut - don't do it again". This has to stop. What is the difference between G4S and the Mafia? G4S do not walk round in tin foil suits.

MP's must realise that THEY are the ones who look stupid every time a situation like this arises and the more the media lets us know the more information we have at hand for the 2015 elections.

p.s. the civil service discovered this in 2008 and have covered it up as usual, the SFO [Serious Fraud Office] is getting involved but I doubt any mandarins will be caught...

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