Monday, 30 November 2015


What to do about the vote to ask parliament to extend bombing across the border into Syria. I have already said that I believe the PM ‘did not’ make a case for bombing in Syria against ISIS last week in his statement, listening to the debate over the last fours has not changed my mind. The most relevant piece people have said is he has not outlined what happens afterwards.

However, I have thought more about what our allies think about us, when they see the RAF fly across Iraq bombing the enemy and then turning back as soon as the Syrian border appears. You could say a farcical situation, but parliament voted for that in 2013. It now makes me think the only reason that the PM wants to extend the bombing across the border is merely to appease his allies.

I now feel even more strongly against the extension as I see no collateral can be gained and it will not make us [the country] safer.

Another issue mentioned in the statement that I disagreed with last week that has now been shown to be untrue is the figure of 70,000 troops on the ground that are available to mop up the enemy after the bombing campaign has completed.

Firstly the figure is far larger than anyone agrees exist, the smaller figure that does exist have no connection with each other so getting coordination between these troops would be nearly impossible.

One point that has come out of the debate over the last four days is will removing ISIS stop this death cult like cancer that has been growing over the years? Looking at where ISIS came from, al-Qaeda and looking at where al-Qaeda came from, it appears to be a rinse & repeat situation, so I wonder if ISIS are removed from Iraq/Syria what will appear.

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