Friday, 27 November 2015

The case for war

A twist in the tale.

After the PM's statement in the house of commons, MPs returned to their constituencies to consult and take advice from their staff, parliamentary party and their constituents. As they were doing this the leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn wrote to his MPs telling them that he did not consider the PM David Cameron had made a case to extend bombing in Syria.

He pointed out that the PM had not set out a coherent strategy coordinated through the UN for the defeat of ISIS. He said "In my view, the Prime Minister has been unable to explain the contribution of additional UK bombing to a comprehensive negotiated political settlement of the Syrian civil war, or is likely impact on the threat of terrorist attacks in the UK."

This was obviously meant to guide his MPs to a similar view, but it appears that overnight more rebels than expected have appeared. Does this mean the PM can assure himself of a majority on the vote that might take place next week, or is there so much uncertainty that no vote will take place?

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