Monday, 9 November 2015

Middle East issue

Sunday 8-Nov-2015 2,000 Britain’s have been returned to Britain from Egypt which is 10% of the population of tourists in Sharm el Sheikh. The remaining people have to establish accommodation for the foreseeable future until they are able to fly home.

What exactly is the problem in getting people home?

Okay, so the security at Sharm el Sheikh is crap, the camera system is never monitored, screening is a joke and when you turn up at security a tenor will get you through unchecked. Okay that is how it was, British staff are now on site to deal with those issues, so the fact that 20,000 British tourists have not been flown home is the prerogative of the Egyptian authorities.

Presumably this is because they are pissed off that the British government did the decent thing in protecting it's citizens by stepping in right at the beginning.

Hopefully over three days David Cameron PM put Abdel Fattah el-Sisi Egypt's president in his place by pointing out the poor situation of security in Egypt's airports.

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