Thursday, 26 November 2015

PM statement

Has the Prime Minister David Cameron made his case for war?


What was he trying to do yesterday? [Thursday 26-Nov-2015]

Convince parliament to vote in favour of instructing the RAF to fly their Tornadoes and use the Brimstone missile to bomb Syria as well as Iraq, which is already happening. The targets would be the same, ISIS. The vote he lost in 2013 was to bomb Bashar al-Assad President of Syria and his troops that were murdering the civilians of Syria.

The PM seemed to be getting ahead in the statement when questioned on the strategy and the ground war, he mentioned 70,000 local troops and it went pear shaped.

The PM said that 70,000 of them  could be a ground force to exploit the coalition's air strikes and support Kurd groups already fighting. He is correct that the Sunni Arab areas under control of ISIS will need to remain under Sunni control after ISIS has been removed. He was given to believe that the Joint Intelligence Committee told him there are indeed 70,000 rebel fighters who could be described as moderate. However these 70k are not all fighting on the same side or for the same goal. They all have their own agenda and it would take too long to get them round a table and agree to one course of action.

All MPs have returned to their constituencies to consider their positions and next week there might be a vote, but it is looking increasingly likely that it will be no again.

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