Wednesday, 10 April 2019

An Extension

After doing nothing for the last two years, the British PM Theresa May is traveling across Europe to ask for another extension. Will it receive a favourable view or be rejected outright.

Actually she has not really done nothing, she has done everything she can to stop Brexit, that might seem a bit harsh but, however, it appears to me that she has actually prevaricated over Brexit for the last two years.

Up to today it also appears that more than half of conservatives have failed to support the PM with Article 50 requests by either voting against or abstaining, more than half, that is ridiculous.

One of the people that could throw a spanner in the works is the French President Emmanuel Macron might reject the idea of an extension with a veto then we would have to leave on 12th April, however, we cannot as the commons have passed a law saying we cannot leave without a deal, so what then? Theresa May would have to revoke Article 50!

If that happens, the PM will resign, a new leader will be found and we start all over again with another referendum.

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