Monday, 22 April 2019

Half a century

50 years in the timeline of mankind is not a long time for the measurement of longevity, however, politically the turn around in people's attitudes towards society is incredible.

I saw a picture of Sid James & Barbara Windsor during the filming of a carry on film, you can quite easily imagine what it was about and I thought about all the things we no longer do or say as a result of changing attitudes.

We no longer smoke in cinemas, which was acceptable, we no longer smoke on trains, we no longer smoke in public areas, perhaps one day we will no longer smoke.

Talking about people's variations is off the table too, their skin colour, their beliefs [Anti-Muslim Anti-Semetism], their gender.

Cruelty to animals, children and each other is far lower on the scale of acceptable behaviour. [Of course there are still wars where one person or faction wants what another person or faction has, and individual crimes such as knife crime appears to be on the increase].

On the one hand, why did we do those things before, why did we think they were acceptable then, why do we consider them unacceptable now and what will it be like in 50 years time?

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