Friday, 19 April 2019

Social Care

People across England are struggling to get the care they need to live dignified and independent lives. Many older people rely on their families to help - or are forced to sell their homes to cover the cost of care. Why should someone who has strived all their lives to make a better position for themselves while supporting the system via National Insurance now be put into this situation? Our social care system is broken.

But an influential group of doctors, nurses and other NHS staff have come together to say enough is enough. They have published an open letter demanding the government step up and creates a plan that gives social care the funding it needs.

Now they have launched a petition alongside their open letter to make sure the public's voice is heard too. If hundreds of thousands join voices with theirs, pressure can be put on the government into finally funding a social care system that is fit for purpose.

Vulnerable people across England rely on social care to live a life of dignity. But the government is not making this easy. With cost of support in a care home pilling up and people left waiting for care - thousands are stranded whilst politicians decide what to do.

That is why doctors, nurses and staff from groups like the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and NHS Confederation have joined together to form ‘Health for Care’. It's a big deal for groups like this to launch a petition and publicly call the government out, so ministers will be worried and watching closely to see what happens next.

When Theresa May announced her plans for social care back in 2017 the media backlash was huge. Fear of a repeat could be what is holding them back now - so let's show them that the backlash from doing nothing is just as strong. A huge campaign could force the government to create a properly funded system that makes sure our NHS is not left to plug the gap.

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