Sunday, 14 April 2019

Small political parties

In the upcoming elections there are people who have to vote. They consider they have been given this chance to speak and do not want to waste it, however, who do they vote for?

The party they have always voted for, but they are disgruntled and no longer want to support them or more importantly want to register a complaint or protest by not voting for them. They do not want to vote for the opposite side as it goes against what they fundamentally believe, so how do they use their vote on the day.

They vote for one of the smaller parties.

Now in this position they do not consider left or right as a major factor in decision making here except they would not be prepared to go to either extreme, the far right or far left, so it has to be centre. Who is thinking of making a new party with the current crisis in mind? Yes, Nigel Farage and the new Brexit Party. They will see this as an answer to their current problems, the vote they made in 2016 can now be realised at the expense of the major parties who have prevaricated for the last two years in parliament.

Now will it be possible for enough people to move from the conservatives and labour to give the Brexit party a majority? I wonder.

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