Saturday, 13 July 2019

Act of Treason

On the today programme this morning [Saturday 13-Jul-2019] John Humphrys was talking to Sir Michael Fallon who was stressing the point of the official secrets act 1989 that the perpetrator of the leak should be found and prosecuted. Something I mentioned in my last post.

However I very much doubt he read this, but I am glad that a little more effort in the leak enquiry might take place rather than the usual whitewash.

He went on to stress that publishers of the leak should also be prosecuted, mainly pointing a finger at the press, this alarmed me slightly and John Humphrys picked up on it. Humphrys asked directly whether the press should be prosecuted and Fallon reiterated that it was a matter of the official secrets act and if anyone published these or other documents they should be prosecuted. Humphrys then pointed out that the Mail on Sunday had already published these documents, so they should be prosecuted.

I can only describe as a _very_ long pause from Michael Fallon took place before he restated his position that anyone 'in future' who publishes government leaked documents should be prosecuted.

I have to side with the Mail on Sunday over this because of Freedom of speech & press and I hope I am not labelled an anarchist because of it.

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