Wednesday, 3 July 2019

The Lionesses

Although the Lionesses lost their semi-final last night, what have they achieved this year?

The inspiration of youngsters, tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of girls will now be asking for football to be on the agenda.

The game was watched by millions of fans across the world and very exciting it was too.

The impact this team has had cannot be underestimated. A record-breaking peak of 7.2 million people tuned into watch England's quarter-final victory against Norway, the highest UK TV audience for a women's game. The record for TV reach has also been smashed this tournament, with the 22.2 million who have tuned in so far almost doubling the 12.4 million mark set in 2015 during the World Cup in Canada.

By taking big strides in promoting and normalising the women's game this summer, the Lionesses will no doubt have helped to inspire the next generation of female footballers to pursue their passion just like any boy might - and that quite frankly is more important than any silverware will ever be.

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