Monday, 22 July 2019

New Prime Minister

Tomorrow a new PM will be announced and he [as there are no ladies left in the race] will start work on Wednesday 24th July, what will be his first priorities?

Brexit / Middle East Situation / Economy / Health [physical-mental-social] it's not easy is it?

Negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU will of course be a priority for the incoming Prime Minister, but they will also be responsible for the more ‘business as usual’ aspects of running the UK and this includes health and social care in England. With an ageing population and more of us with complex needs than ever before, it is essential that the new Prime Minister focuses on the needs of our oldest citizens to ensure that they have the care and support they need.

Brexit itself can be broken down to individual details like leaving with a deal, or without a deal, or further down should the country be asked again after three years of debate, the people now have more knowledge to assess which raises the question of another referendum, but how divisory would that be with the general population? It has been made crystal clear that conservative politicians do not like the idea of a second referendum as it smacks of disloyalty towards the public.

Perhaps the Iran situation will be considered more immediate as it is happening now and Brexit can wait until October.

His first job will be to create a cabinet of ministers to advise his future decisions, not an easy task in itself, loyalty has to be the first identifier as you would want a group that supports but you would also need those that are competent in the roles they are given. I am not sure how long this process will take and how much pressure the Iran situation will leverage the decisions.

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