Thursday, 2 May 2013

Crime is falling

We are in a recession, I have forgotten which one, double, triple, whatever, however we are part of an austerity programme that according to the old rules should raise crime.

Murder is down. Violent crime generally is down. Property crime is down. In fact, almost every category of criminality that you can think of is declining. Here is the even better news. This is not a blip. The downward trend is now very well established and can be traced back over many years. And here is the funniest bit of this news. No one is really sure why. Those who think of themselves as experts on the causes of crime confess to being nonplussed. The majority of them predicted that a prolonged economic squeeze could only lead to more crime. They are scratching their heads trying to figure out why the opposite is happening.

An abundance of theories:-

The reduction of lead in petrol.
The proliferation of CCTV.
The steep decline in the cost of consumer goods such as televisions [one of the favourite items stolen during the summer riots].
An ageing population.
A more feminised society. [Men are becoming less larcenous and dangerous under the moderating influence of the more law-abiding sex].
A more middle-class society.

Which one is correct? or do they all have their part to play in the overall picture?

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