Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The good news

I do not care what happens to Chris Huhne or Vicky Pryce, both prominent members of the rotten, arrogant elite who have helped to wreck my country. However I mention them because unlike most people sent to prison their release got as much publicity as their sentencing.

Even the BBC could not ignore the fact that their sentences [eight months, but they served only two] were actual, deliberate official lies. Almost all prison sentences are. Nobody seems to have thought about what this means. What sort of state orders its judges to utter falsehoods as part of their conditions of employment?

And what sort of media have let this festival of lying go unchallenged for so long?

Crime statistics are fiddled by the authorities. These are the same sorts of people who think children are growing cleverer because they get more high grades in GCSEs and A-levels.

Can they now please address their complaints to Steve Williams, chairman of the Police Federation, who last week revealed that pressure was being placed on frontline officers to minimise recorded crime?

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