Monday, 13 May 2013

Europe referendum

This week sees the Conservatives find out who their friends are on the inside, that is the percentage split for those who want to stay in and those who want to leave.

The PM David Cameron is under greater pressure to allow a move that will guarantee a referendum in 2017, partly because of the huge UKIP success in the council elections but mostly because so many people are now airing the view that we should opt out of Europe.

I voted to go into Europe back in the 70's, my main reasons were geographically we are part of Europe, I think we should be politically part of Europe and had been advised that we would be financially better of in Europe. 30 years later the truth is available.

Yes we are still geographically part of Europe, Politically you must be joking, it is nearly impossible for a central location to give advice or orders that 27 or more countries can follow at the same time and on the finance side I have seen no evidence that our failing economy would collapse any further if we were to leave Europe.

In 2017 I shall be voting out...

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