Monday, 27 May 2013

What crisis?

The papers are dominated by piccies of 'Call me Dave' & 'Sam Cam' enjoying a coffee at breakfast in Ibiza. The PM has taken a couple of days off with his family and if you believe the media during a national crisis.

Sorry, did I miss something?

Last week there was an horrific attack on a young man in a London street who happened to be a British soldier and it appears that is the reason he was killed, by two lunatics who are being called terrorists. Where is this national crisis then?

We have heightened security status in the country but apparently it has not been increased because of Woolwich, we are being advised that vigilance is good, but I do not see a case for forcing the PM to stay at No. 10. I think there are two many fingers in the vote of no confidence pie to see any credibility in this story.

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