Wednesday, 22 June 2016

BBC Debate

Last night [Tuesday 21-Jun-2016] there was the 'great' EU debate hosted by the BBC in the Wembley Arena.

It was divided into three sections, economy, immigration & Britain’s place in the world, no small feat. What did we learn?

Did the leave side guarantee success after the vote, no, did the remain side guarantee success after the vote, no.

The audience appeared to applaud both sides equally during the three sections, so after two hours one could assume that the country still has not decided, with only two days to go that is not good.

David Cameron the British Prime Minister announced on 20-Feb-2016 the date for the EU Referendum will be on 23-Jun-2016, however the idea for a referendum started after the 2010 general election and the Prime Minister said it would be held before the end of 2017. I find it nearly incredulous that people still have had not enough time to decide which way to vote, and use the weak excuse that politicians should decide.

Mishal Husain had a separate section of 'experts' that unfortunately had their own agenda and did not contribute to the peoples debate that evening.

David Dimbleby did well to hold this gathering together, no mean feat, however did the majority of people listening at home get what they need to make the all important decision for Thursday?

Personally I had decided when David Cameron first announced that there would be an EU Referendum before 2017 and nothing I heard last night or in the past few weeks, months, years has changed my mind, I shall continue to place my ‘X’ in the leave box on Thursday 23-Jun-2106.

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