Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Post Office Home Phone

I get my broadband services from the Post Office, it is called postoffice.co.uk/Postoffice+home+phone

Some of you might think this is a bad idea.

Yesterday I was receiving ping 12 ~ D/L 12Mbps ~ U/L 0.9Mbps pretty usual for the PO considering what they charge, today I am receiving ping 39 ~ D/L 3.1Mbps ~ U/L 0.4Mbps pretty rubbish.

While I am testing this the phone and consequently the broadband goes off, so I phone them on their 24hr technical support line 0345 600 3210 at 21:22 BST to find a message saying our support line is now closed please goto the website.

If only I had broadband running so that I could go to the website!

What a complete farce.

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