Tuesday, 28 June 2016

It Continues

It might be Wimbledon fortnight, but you would hardly realise it as the only news available is politics.

The Conservative [split party] fight has been put well into the background as the Labour party is heading towards oblivion. Nearly every single member of the shadow cabinet has resigned and the leader has spent the day recruiting new staff by simply giving out jobs to anyone who says yes. Some of the choices cause more trouble than could have been imagined, for example Diane Abbott has been given Health and as it was announced most of the junior ministers in that department resigned. Hardly conducive to a forward looking efficient, professional political unit.

At the end of the day it was being rumoured that Labour might split, so SDP part II was possible. All this venom is directed towards the leader Jeremy Corbyn and to all accounts it appears to be a rout.

The rebels have criticised his performance in the EU referendum and he faces further resignations from the junior frontbench ranks amid fresh calls for him to stand down as leader. He has categorically refused to stand down today saying that if a leadership election was to take place, he would stand and win. Very strong language from someone who appears to have very few standing beside him.

The deputy leader Tom Watson returned from Glastonbury and had a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn and informed him of the state of play. The talks between the two men were described as "civil" by a spokesman for the leader, but a senior Labour source said Mr Corbyn was left in no doubt he had lost the support of the Parliamentary Labour Party. To be honest Corbyn never really had great support from the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] it was the membership that he excelled in. As it is possible there might be a general election before the end of the year, it is clear that the PLP need to have someone else at the helm that will allow them to win back government.

This all happened in one day, what next?

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