Monday, 20 June 2016

Future of MPs

After the death of Jo Cox last week, a lot of attention is now being put into MP security.

While I will happily admit that MPs need their own security as it should not be the place where MPs are open to any type of assault no matter how trivial or serious they are, however, the first thing I think of is a phrase 'security bubble'.

Most MPs if not all will admit that one of the best parts of the job is mixing with the public in particular their constituents. This could become more difficult if they are placed with a security bubble.

If you imagine the position of Judges [and an old adage which might be incorrect] that are transferred from their homes to court on a daily basis have nearly no contact with the public and as a result have absolutely no idea what the public thinks of their decisions.

If this was to happen to MPS our democracy would suffer.

Now how are they going to get the balance right and protect MPs from today’s rough 'n' tumble without going over the top on costs but still allow them free access to the public?

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