Friday, 4 September 2015

A week to go

Yvette Cooper’s strong line on Syria has impressed many Labour members and a VERY strong and passionate attack on Corbyn at the end of the Sky News live debate. But is it too late to affect her hopes of clinching the leadership?

Andy Burnham is also confident he can snatch victory. Burnham is interviewed by Andy Grice in the Independent and his camp claims one in five Labour members and supporters previously committed to Jeremy Corbyn is now undecided. He still seems to be flip flopping on his views weekly and it might be time for the voters to realise this.

Jeremy Corbyn is still flying the flag [the red flag] and odds on favourite with Chuka Umunna’s backing now that he is not running with a line that everyone should stick together. That is going to be a bit tricky if Corbyn wins. During the debate he got the most support, is that because everyone went there to support him or is he still getting his message across?

Liz Kendall is staying mum at the moment, although to be fair she is saying the same message today as she said two months ago. Perhaps that is the stability that the Labour party could do with.

Saturday 12th and we will know.

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