Friday, 18 September 2015

Syrian update

Last Wednesday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad [speaking for the first time on the global immigration issue] blamed Europe's refugee crisis on Western support for "terrorists".

The Syrian government describes all the armed groups fighting it as terrorists. The insurgents in Syria range from the hard line Islamist Islamic State to nationalists viewed as moderate by the West.

Assad has been buoyed in recent weeks by signs of increased military support from his ally Russia. In his comments he made no mention of reports of Russian military activity in Syria. What he might not realise is Putin's ultimate goal is not to help Syria but merely control it as they [Russia] move through.

Moscow says the Syrian government should be part of a broad coalition to fight Islamic State, taking it out of the final calculation during the land grab programme.

I wrote about this earlier:-

Is the Foreign & Commonwealth office just sitting indoors reading about this and nodding their heads in disbelief or do they have their finger on the button?

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