Thursday, 24 September 2015

HS2 finance

High Speed Rail 2 has not even started yet and the money being thrown at executives is unbelievable.

Simon Kirby is Chief Executive of High Speed Two [HS2] Limited. Kirby is also a director of the Major Projects Association and the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering. He is receiving £750,000.00 just for HS2, and remember he is a civil servant.

For that staggering salary he is not the top man in charge, he will only oversee certain infrastructure projects such as the redevelopment of King's Cross station in London, the Forth bridge overhaul and the Thameslink upgrade.

He has been promised a £300,000 loyalty bonus from Network Rail in April, just before he leaves, no matter what happens whether it succeeds or is a total failure.

So what will the public get for this expense?

This morning on BBC Radio 4 Today program he refused to answer directly any question put to him by the presenter Mishal Husain and merely repeating his broadcast statement showed that we are paying for a mouthpiece that has no clue as to what is going on.

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