Monday, 7 September 2015

Hinckley Point

Hinckley Point C is the latest in nuclear power stations and will fill a desperately need gap in energy to "stop the lights going out" when the coal fired stations are taken off-line.

However, EDF the French owned conglomerate has announced the opening will be delayed due to financial issues.

The latest delay raises the prospect that Hinckley may now in fact be overtaken by other proposed British nuclear power projects with far quicker build times. The safety of the Flamanville plant has been questioned due to the danger of flooding of the kind experienced during the 1999 Blayais Nuclear Power Plant flood.

We all know Britain has an energy problem even if we cannot all agree on what, specifically, the problem is. Rising costs, changing climate, peak oil, foreign oil, public safety the issues are complicated, the solutions even more so.

Each individual power source like  coal, nuclear, solar or wind is not sustainable by itself. But some combination of various systems, various compromises and improvements and treaties between mutual belligerents, taken together, hold out the promise of a world where we and our descendants continue to enjoy comfort and prosperity.

The government has made it clear that a range of methods is the best solution, however, when one of them goes down what answer do they have in place?

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