Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Silver Spoon Politics

Is silver spoon politics finished?

The biggest political revolution happening at the moment is the surprise leadership election of Jeremy Corbyn for the labour party. Why did the three safe candidates lose out so heavily?

The popular thought why over 250,000 people voted for Jeremy Corbyn over the other three Blairite clones is because they wanted change, so what change do they want?

Jeremy Corbyn’s answers may be wrong, but many of his questions are right. Instead of patronising his supporters, the insular ruling elite and their allies in big business and big finance should realise they are the cause of Corbyn.

Love him or hate him, a Corbyn victory means that political pundits can no longer claim that the age of mass parties is over or that young people are irredeemably apathetic. Not only about the result but at the sense that political business could return to normal.

Yesterday Corbyn gave his first party conference speech to the faithful in Brighton and it was clearly different to what was expected. He wanted to impress on his audience the move towards a kinder politics. He attacked David Cameron's shocking broken promises and vowed to create a more caring society. There was not a lot of policy but it appears that he has consolidated his position and presumably over the next twelve months detail will be added.

It has been claimed that Blair's new labour has moved on, perhaps passed away would be a better description and new politics has moved in, can it last?

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