Sunday, 26 July 2015

Infiltrated is the new black

Comrade Corbyn seems to have attracted Trotskyites who haven’t been involved in the party for years but appear to be mobilising into a highly organised force with the specific aim of getting Jeremy elected as the next Labour leader.

Of course part of this new influx of members, reported to be over 140,000 now, are conservatives who have forked out the mighty sum of £3.00 to ensure that they too support Comrade Corbyn. There are probably others who could not be classed as left now supporting Comrade Corbyn to squeeze out the middle of the roaders who can be seem to be clones.

The media seem to be transfixed on hard line lefties but what if there are people who are just fed up with Labour trying to hold the centre ground, which does not seem to have worked.

Also we cannot forget the near complete wipe out in Scotland where Labour lost 99% of their holding in one election. Have they held a Post-Mortem of May and if so why are they continuing with rhetoric that failed! Then there are the unions which are very good at moving large crowds in one direction.

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