Friday, 17 July 2015

MPs Pay Rise

Yesterday Twitter exploded with the #AskYourMP hashtag and it was connected with the 10% pay rise given by IPSA [Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority].

IPSA was setup as a response to the parliamentary expenses scandal of 2009. It establishes and monitors the expenses scheme for Members of the House of Commons, and is responsible for paying their salaries and expenses.

IPSA has been criticised publicly by many MPs, including David Cameron, who told IPSA to "...get a grip on what they are doing and do it fast.". Criticism has been largely centred on the perceived high running costs of IPSA, inability of MPs to get through on the IPSA helpline, emails and letters going largely unanswered, and the length of time taken to reimburse expenses.

It's current faux pas is to award MPs 10% while public sector employees are receiving 1%. In most countries there would be burning barricades in the streets outside Parliament, however here in the UK we debate the issue ;)

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