Monday, 20 July 2015

Pluto's designation

My thoughts on Pluto started at school in science and whether it was one of the Solar System's planets. At that time there was not one side or the other that carried the argument and my biggest sticking point at the time was Pluto's trajectory.

The peculiarity of Pluto's trajectory is that both its eccentricity and inclination to the ecliptic, the approximate plane in which the orbits of the other planets lie, are extremely high.

As far as size is concerned I could say that Pluto is smaller than our moon, also Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io, Titan and Triton but that has never sat well with me.

It was mainly due to how people described the other eight planets, they always seem to come together and Pluto appeared to be left out, for example:-

there are four inner and four outer

there are four smaller and four larger

there are four solid and four gas

This type of rhetoric was constant at the time and Pluto always got the short straw. Then it was demoted to Dwarf planet and I thought no more about it until recently, now I seemed to have changed my mind and have decided that Pluto is one of the nine solar system planets.

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