Friday, 31 July 2015

Labour Leader Race

The voting for this contest will take place on September 12th which is still six weeks away and an extremely long time in politics, however the race seems to have been won already.

Last week I wrote about the beginning of the Jeremy Corbyn shock...

... and it seems worth fleshing out the details.

Jeremy Corbyn was added as a last minute entrant because someone else dropped out. Of course that should not go against him and so far it hasn't. On the contrary with the outburst in social media [Twitter for example] last week the charge that Jeremy Corbyn has made to the top spot is nothing short of phenomenal.

Hash tag pages such as #CorbynForLeader #JezWeCan #ToriesForCorbyn #CommiesForCorbyn have been instrumental in getting the word round, admittedly some are more humorous than supportive but they have all had their influence. This week has seen the unions start to back Jeremy Corbyn as his position solidifies.

But what do the people think?

It appears to me that the people think the other three clones for the centre ground did not get their message across at the general election last May and still seem to be outlying the same points now that there is no point in supporting them.

If Jeremy Corbyn wins in September will he have enough support to survive the first coup?

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