Monday, 27 July 2015

The Clintons

It now appears that the Clintons are cashing in on UK foreign aid!

The fact we are spending more and more on aid when we are massively in debt is bad enough, but when it is being tossed away for vanity reasons to ingratiate UK politicians with the rich and powerful in the US … I think most people would find that distasteful and unacceptable.

Tory backbenchers say the revelation is symptomatic of the fact that the DfID [Department for International Development] has so much money to spend that large amounts have to be simply handed to global charities, often leading to huge amounts of waste.

The Daily Mail has been investigating this story that some of the UK Foreign Aid budget has filtered through certain charities that the Clintons control and were employees are accepting over the top salaries of six figures, not to forget the management fees. The charity mentioned is Clinton Health Access Initiative, however DfID has said it does not fund the Clinton Foundation but it does fund the Clinton Health Access Initiative!

I am sure if the government were asked about this they would sweep any criticism away with a remark like 'we have great faith in the Clintons, I am sure there is nothing untoward going on here!'

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